monari is a future-oriented and internationally operating fashion label for discerning and fashion-loving women with over 200 employees, 16 stores, 500 partner areas and a further 2,200 specialist retail partners in 37 countries. Ready-to-wear outfits with that certain something and a talented team with high standards and enthusiasm for the cause have made us what we are today. And we want more!

monari is more than a fashion label. monari is an attitude. monari is authentic and nothing can be dictated, but rather develops and reinterprets it: individually and independently. Our team is committed, ambitious, agile, attentive, empathetic and always acts with great dedication. We shape the future of our label with innovative approaches from heart and mind that suit us and correspond to our concept.

Inspired by a summer in Tuscany, monari was founded in 1986 by Renate and Bernhard Bosch. The vision: to convey this attitude towards life in a fashion label and a high-quality knitwear collection. At its core, monari has remained true to its origins, although the portfolio has steadily expanded to include a complete outfit. Owner and design boss Anne Böing as well as sales manager Angela Bertrams-Cosse are the leading figures of the label today. Two personalities, but one team with a clear goal: to create high-quality designs and unmistakable looks and to keep the monari label successful

The collections of the monari label are smart, casual, glamorous, of a high quality and always have that certain something. We create complete outfits - with a signature from the top to the pants. In terms of content and appearance, the collection is thought through down to the smallest component, which creates unmistakable looks. On top there are iconic eye-catchers on a regular basis. Parts that seem to fall out of line, are bolder or are directly inspired by the metropolises of the world. Contradictions that fit together. monari loves to surprise and to develop further, but still follows its own line consistently and thus creates a balance between casual style, class and that certain something.