Espadrij l'originale sees itself as an exquisite label. The old tradition of manufacturing excludes mass production from the start. And because Espadrij l'originale is not a mass product, Espadrij l'originale appeals to people who appreciate precisely that and the high quality.

All models are made by hand in a small village in the French Pyrenees or on old machines from the production facilities. Espadrij l'originale works exclusively with the last remaining manufacturers in France that still manufacture in the traditional way. The result: an unmistakable look and top quality that excludes mass-produced goods.

The models are manufactured according to old tradition in the original production facilities. The result: natural materials & an unmistakable look. Since 2012, Espadrij l'originale has also had its women's models produced in Spain - the second country besides France where the espadrilles culture is deeply rooted and has a long tradition.