Clairval was created in 1959, in the Swiss alpine city of Luzern by Claire and Valerie Pinçon.

In the masculine universe of ski riding, they could not find any outfits matching their need for confort and aesthetics. They decided to create their own, unique joyful brand mirroring their state of mind.

Those mountain athletes, brought colors and happiness to what used to be a formal and sad universe

What used to be clothes made by them for them started to inspire women around them. They gave a whole generation the confidence to pursue their dream of skiing.

The brand was slowly forgotten until 2016, when, during one of her numerous travels around the world, a fashion industrial woman spotted an eye catching orange ski coat.

With some researches she could finally dig up Clairval’s style archives. She immediately identified to what used to be Claire and Valerie’s challenges. She herself had to fight the establishment her whole life.

Coming back from her travel, she could not get Claire and Valerie out of her mind. Until she decided to give Clairval a new life.

She decided to create a new winter coat cloak based on the brand’s archives she had brought back from Luzern.

Now located in France, Clairval’s signature shines again in shops around the world.